How it works

When you use the special Tollz online shopping links, or, connect your credit card to Tollz and shop at participating retailers in store – our technology automatically provides the cashback on offer through to the Linkt/Eastlink toll account details you provide!

> No need to use special coupons

> Works with existing credit card points programs

> Better than discounts, you can save time - If you don’t use it, you don’t lose it

How much can I earn

Retailers offer a variety of % cash back pending on the size of the offer and what they can afford. An example may look like this;

$1,000 everyday spending over the month X 5% avg toll cash back = $50 toll credit (approx. 7 “free” toll trips a month)


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Tollz is free to join, no obligations to spend, no ongoing fees & you can unsubscribe any time.

We’re not here to lock you in. Our goal is to set you free.

Once you realise the time, stress & money you can save by using the toll roads – you’ll wish you would have signed up sooner!

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